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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hello Kitty at Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotel, Malaysia

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

This morning, I was awakened by doves flying all around the golf course. Slowly and silently, I managed to take a photo of one of them before they flew away. What a lucky day !!! Hello Kitty's View of Bird at Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotel, MalaysiaAs I left my room and strolled along the corridor, I caught sight of the neighborhood of the hotel. They are quite neatly built houses and I wonder if I can have a chance to visit some of the locals. I hope that they are not afraid of cats.
Hello Kitty's View of Neighbourhood at Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotel, Malaysia Of course, after relaxing in the two golf resorts for a few days, I gained a little bit of weight. My tummy is sticking out and it's time for a good jogging around the landscaped garden. Quite a tiring exercise !!
Hello Kitty at Landscaped Garden of Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotel, Malaysia After such tiring jogging, I sat next to the main entrance block and have a good rest zzzzzzzz....(or I should say, a good nap) before I had my Malaysian recipe there.Hello Kitty at Entrance Block of Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotel, MalaysiaVery yummy Malaysian recipe - Fish head noodle - specialty of the day prepared by the chef and not always available. How lucky I am today !! You all know that I like fish very much, right.Hello Kitty enjoying Fish Head Noodle at Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotel, MalaysiaGuess what is this place? This is a prayer room at the quiet side of the landscaped garden. Some adjacent water features create a very calmful and peaceful feeling --- just the right mood for its place !! Hello Kitty at Prayer Room of Holiday Inn Glenmarie Hotel, Malaysia And with this peace of mind, I am getting prepared for my trip back to Hong Kong tomorrow - I quite miss this beautiful place - the golf resorts of Malaysia !!
"~~~~ oooooh, aaaaah, aaaaah, oooooh, Precious Moments,
When will I see you again?! ~~~~ "

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