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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hello Kitty Booth in Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo 2008

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

One other interesting mascot I found in the expo was this Sheep Mascot. It helped to promote healthy drinks.Hello Kitty's View of Sheep Mascot in Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo 2008
The most attractive one was of course a booth which had Hello Kitty on it. It was a booth for selling Hello Kitty cup noodles and I bought a package of it.Hello Kitty Booth in Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo 2008
The package includes:- a Hello Kitty themed bag with 8 cup noodles of 5 different flavors, namely,
  1. Dan Dan (spicy) flavor;
  2. Seafood flavor;
  3. Creamy chicken flavor;
  4. Japanese curry flavor;
  5. Japanese soya sauce flavor.

Hello Kitty Themed Package of Cup Noodles Sold in Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo 2008Isn't it cute? Me~~ow!!

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The Muse said...

oh my goodness... it would be so very hard to choose which one is the best!
you will have to let us know which one you choose!