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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello Kitty Watching Dragon and Phoenix Flower Sculpture in Hong Kong Orchid Trip

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
Besides a cow made of flowers, I also find a dragon of flowers when I climb on another flowering shrub. The body of the dragon flower sculpture is made of yellow chrysanthemum - yellow being the royal color in Chinese traditions.
Hello Kitty's View of Dragon Flower Sculpture in Hong Kong Orchid Trip

In Chinese traditions, whenever there is a dragon, there is always a phoenix for completeness. These two legendary creatures together represent the balance of male and female power. See how alive does the phoenix look !Hello Kitty's View of Phoenix Flower Sculpture in Hong Kong Orchid TripLuckily, I also come across a row of tao-monk marching in parade praying aloud. I think they are doing their prayers before lunch. See also that I look like having a beautiful purple flower on my head - do I look like my avator image? :) Hello Kitty's View of Tao Monk in Hong Kong Orchid Trip
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