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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello Kitty Watching Orchid Field in Full Blossom in Hong Kong Orchid Trip

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
This is the orange orchid field in full blossom. How lovely! They are a type of butterfly orchids. Do they look like a group of butterflies flying around me? Hello Kitty's View of Orange Orchids in Hong Kong Orchid Trip

Pink is my favorite color and these orchids have the nickname of Red Diamond because of their reddish heart. Hello Kitty's View of Pink Orchids in Hong Kong Orchid Trip
These orchids have colors almost the opposite of those in the previous photograph. Isn't it amazing or just a coincidence?Hello Kitty's View of Red Orchids in Hong Kong Orchid Trip
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gdenarayana said...

wow, it's all about hello kitty here ;)

have a nice day :)

Bhing said...

Cute blog :) I may not be a fan of Hello Kitty but I can say that she's really cute.. My sister like her very much! :) said...

Hi gdenarayana,

Thanks for visiting. sure it's about me and friends and much more. come often to explore a whole cute me, hehehe.....

U 2, have lovely day, friend!! said...

Hi hi Bhing,

Really? I bet your sister and u are just as cute. Hope to see u again. Take care la.