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Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello Kitty's View of Flower Sculpture at Hong Kong Orchid Trip

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
When I go through the gateway, I see a temple at the end of an avenue of flower cones. The flower cones are all made of chrysanthemum.Hello Kitty's View of Temple and Avenue of Flowers in Hong Kong Orchid Trip

By coming closer to the temple, I notice that there a a very large flower pot in the front yard. This flower pot is again made of flowers. You can imagine the size of this flower pot by comparing it to the temple at its background.Hello Kitty's View of Temple and Flower Pot of Flowers in Hong Kong Orchid Trip
There is also a flower sculpture next to the temple. This time, flowers are used to make the body of a water cow. An old man sitting, representing longevity, sits on the cow. In front of the cow is a small kid who is a young farmer. This is a beautiful flower sculpture and a lot of people like to take photos with it. Hello Kitty's View of Flower Sculpture in Hong Kong Orchid Trip

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Friendz said...

wow!! nice flower sculpture..
really love them we should appreciate there works....

The Muse said...

that large urn/flower vase is just gorgeous! said...

Hi Friendz, I know that the workers spend quite a lot of time to make these flower sculptures so I very much appreciate what they have achieved! said...

Hi, the Muse, besides comparing to the temple in the background, you can also compare it to the woman by the side of the flower vase to appreciate its size. The whole flower vase is made of chrysanthemum of various sizes and colors. Lovely!