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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello Kitty's View of Pagoda and Murals in Hong Kong Orchid Trip

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

Here, we have a closer view of the pagoda which is raised to a higher level by a few steps so that people can have a better view of the surrounding scenery when they relax inside the pagoda. On both sides of the pagoda are two red mural panels with Chinese calligraphy. Hello Kitty's View of Pagoda in Hong Kong Orchid Trip
This wall mural is about the Three Star Gods of China - Longevity (long life), Prosperity and Fortune. In traditonal Chinese homes, ceramic statues of these Three Star Gods would be placed in the living room to bring good luck to the family.Hello Kitty's View of 'Three Star Gods' Mural in Hong Kong Orchid Trip
This is another mural of an ancient Chinese god carved on a black marble. Please also note the dragon carving at the top of the panel.Hello Kitty's View of Black Marble Mural in Hong Kong Orchid Trip
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vinny28 said...

whats up kitty, great shots. you really do have alot of fun dont you? i have seen this statue in miniture form before somewhere but i can't remember where. anyway thanks for sharing and keep us up to date. cheers!! said...

Hi, vinny28, it was definitely an enjoyable trip for me. However, the photographs which I like most will be in the next few posts where I visited the Orchid Nursery field. Please come again to enjoy it! :)