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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hello Kitty taking photos of locals at Peony Garden of HangZhou, China

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

Can you see the beautiful girl in the picture? Of course, I am not the girl - I am the one holding the camera. HangZhou is famous for its trees as well as beautiful girls. Hello Kitty is getting more and more famous in China nowadays. See how the boy in the picture looks towards me rather than his friend. I have my charm too!! Hehe~~~Hello Kitty taking Photograph of Local People at Peony Garden, HangZhouSee what I get here, lovely local children going on excursions!! Luckily, I manage to take a photograph of them together with their reflections in the lovely and peaceful pool. Ho~~, I start to recall my childhood days!Hello Kitty taking Photograph of Lovely Children over Bridge in Peony Garden, HangZhouSuddenly, a glimpse of a white statute in the midle of the pool catch my attention and I rush towards it.Hello Kitty's View of White Statue in Lake of Peony Garden, HangZhouHowever, when I arrive there, something else divert my attention and I climb over the fence to see what it is. Can you see what is inside my red highlighted square? Please give a wild guess and see if you can get the right answer. Hello Kitty Climbing over fence in Peony Garden, HangZhou
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The Muse said...

Hello Little Kitty ! I hope you are feeling well and getting some rest from, all your travels...
I see you are still enjoying the beautiful gardens, that is most lovely. I especially like the shot with the children walking across the bridge and the way you caught their reflection!

Since you said that moment brought back memories of your childhood...I am going to guess that what you saw in the water, (in the highlighted red square) was a gold fish. Or a Koi. perhaps you were recalling the days when you were young and you tried to catch them.. :)

Thank you Hello Kitty for stopping my blog. Your word "Yoga" fit in puuuurrrrfectly! :)

Jimi said...

Hi Miss Hello Kitty! You really have a very innovative way of endorsing your Hello Kitty products. Here in the Philippines, marketing managers would usually make use of crowded places like malls. Hmmm I guess children in China thinks of Hello Kitty as being peaceful and loving that is why you chose a peaceful park. . . . I also guess that what you saw in the red highlighted square is a beautiful water lily. said...

Hi, the muse, thank you for your caring. I definitely need a rest last night after my long trip. Zzzzzz~~. That's why I can only reply you now and then start to write my next blog.

You are very clever and your guess is exactly correct!! The orange-gold fish did recall my childhood memory and as a hint, you will see more in my next posting.

MyKitty said...

Hi, jimi, thank you very much for your comments. You really understands me.

I like to see the world from the angle of Hello Kitty. That is why I created this blog and want to share this with those who visited my blog. Moreover, I hope this happy, loving and peaceful feeling would accompany visitors when they leave my blog.


Jackie said...

Great photos. You must have had a wonderful day in such a pretty garden. said...

Hi, Jackie, thanks for visiting my blog.

I indeed had a wonderful day in the Peony Garden and I hope that you can share my joyful feeling!!