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Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello Kitty at HangZhou Peony Garden

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

After lunch, I stroll through the adjacent Peony Garden. At the entrance of the garden, there is a small pool and the tree reflections give a very peaceful and fresh taste of nature! Do you agree?
Hello Kitty at Pool of Peony Garden, HangZhouI then go through an avenue of trees which are quite densely grown and it shelters most of the sunlight, creating a cool breeze within this cave of trees.
Hello Kitty at Tree Cave of Peony Garden, HangZhouAfter going out from the cave of trees, I come into a very open grassland with a chinese style villa house at the distance. The grassland looks particularly open after the previous tunnel and cave feeling. It is so open that I starts to yell loudly !! me~~ow!!
Hello Kitty at Open Lawn of Peony Garden, HangZhouTwo strange looking creatures pop into my sightline as I yell. They are two peacocks which are scared by me and they are trying to run away. The more I chase after them, the faster they run so I cannot take a photo of their front view. Well, birds are afraid of cats, you know, so I need to give up.
Hello Kitty Chasing after Peacocks in Peony Garden, HangZhouAs I chase after the peacocks, I run into the Peony Garden and the Peony Pagoda. Can you see the pagoda higher up behind the bamboo fence?
Hello Kitty at Peony Pagoda of Peony Garden, HangZhouIf you cannot see it clearly in the last photo, let's have a closer look at the Peony Pagoda. It is an octagonal pavilion where you may appreciate the ethereal color and celestial fragrance of peonies and drink in the beauty of the picturesque scenery. Howevr, I do not visit this place at the right time of the year and so I cannot see the peony blossom. What a pity!!
Hello Kitty's Close-up View of Peony Pagoda of Peony Garden, HangZhou
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lifeis-b said...

Congratulations!! You have been given an Award,plz visit me..

mak said...

i love to read the descriptions of those beautiful photos. very cute!! said...

Thank you lifeis-b for your support and encouragement. I am both surprised and honored. May your future days be as nice and beautiful as YOU!! said...

Thank you, mak. It's nice to hear that you enjoy it.