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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hello Kitty eating Hairy Crab

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

A visitor asked me about the proper procedure for eating Hairy Crab and I list below my method for your reference:

1. Break off the Legs

The body is the last part to get cold, so you should start with legs and claws. Rip off one leg, bite off the two sides, put it between your lips and then suck out the meat. To eat the claw, you can either use a hammar or your teeth (if you have strong teeth like me) Teeth, hands and spitting are all allowed when it comes to eating crab. Do not be embarrased - just do it ! Me~~ow!! Hello Kitty eating Hairy Crab Step 1 - Break Off the Legs2. Remove the Apron

Now comes the best part - the body. Eat female in autumn and when the weather is colder, eat the male. The female has lots of eggs, and the male has them as well and also some creamy stuff which is the best part. Look at the belly, there is a small movable flap at the posterior of the carapace (the apron). Lift it up and get rid of it.Hello Kitty eating Hairy Crab Step 2 - Remove the Apron3. Remove the Top Shell

Next, you should be able to see the edge of the shell. Lift that up and rip it off. Now you can see lots of orange eggs inside the shell. Put some sauce in the shell. Use your chopsticks to dig the egg out of the corner of the shell,but be careful with the black stuff, and the piece of meat in the middle, which is its stomach - you do not want to eat that. Hello Kitty eating Hairy Crab Step 3 - Remove the Top Shell4. Remove the lungs

After you are finished with the shell, it is time to eat the body. First you need to get rid of the white stuff on the two sides. those are the lungs. Hello Kitty eating Hairy Crab Step 4 - Remove the Lungs5. Break the Body into Halves

After cleansed those, rip the body in half longitudinally. Now, all you need to do is to eat the egg and the meat. Do not forget to dip it in the sauce and sip some yellow wine. Once again, teeth, hands and spitting are all allowed. Enjoy!! Hello Kitty eating Hairy Crab Step 5 - Break the Body into Halves

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Tony Chan said...

Wah !!! That is good. Hopefully now people know how to eat hairy crab.

thanks and best regards,
tony said...

Hi, Tony, thank you for your comments. Hope that you try and enjoy it in your local Chinese restaurant. Hairy crabs are best at this season. Please keep in contact.


Bunka said...

I am hungry! =)) said...

Hi Bunka, thanks a lot for following my blog regularly. Please also see the large oranges I bring back from GuangZhou!!