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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hello Kitty at West Lake (Xi Hu) of HangZhou

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

West Lake (Xi Hu) is famous for its beautiful scenery and I had a chance to take a boat trip here. However, we arrive a little bit early for our trip so I wait at the shore where three of the tour ships are parked. The wind is cool and comfortable under the willow tree leaves, a common tree along the side of West Lake.
Hello Kitty's View of Tour Boats at West Lake, HangZhouWhile I am waiting, I spot a local fisherman. I feel that he is very talented in fishing so I take a photograph with him. See, nobody else takes note of this fisherman at this moment and he is fishing alone.
Hello Kitty and Talented Fisherman at West Lake, HangZhouAfter about 5 minutes, you see what happens to the same fisherman - he catches a very, very big fish and everyone else is now crowding around him, taking videos and photographs. Of course, I am already sitting in the best position to take this photo because I realize his talent much earlier. Look at the expressions of the surrounding crowd to see how amazed they are !!Hello Kitty's View of Big Fish Catch by Talented Fisherman at West Lake, HangZhouAdd to Technorati Favorites


Bunka said...

Hey Kitty have u been to Lugu Lake?I think its somewhere in Tibet... i think... well if u go there i want pictures, very much pictures from there, if u want to make them :) ...i see article on TV for Lugu Lake, but i am far away, very far away from there. :/ said...

Hi Bunka, sorry that I have not been to Lugu Lake in Tibet. Nevertheless, I'll keep that in mind when I plan my trips in the future. Thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Hey you'very clever kitty, you were able to take the best position for your photo shots. 2 thumbs up! :) said...

Hi, pinaykeypoint, thank you for your compliments. My trip photos are mostly from the perspective of my Hello Kitty which is cute and lovely. Your daughters and niece may also like it! Nice meeting you and please keep in contact.