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Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello Kitty at Pool of Peony Garden HangZhou, China

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

As I move on further into the garden, I come arcoss a very calm and peaceful pool, In the distance, I see another beautiful traditional chinese pagoda and its reflections totally repeat itself in the pool. How lovely!Hello Kitty at Pool of Peony Garden HangZhou
I like climbing trees and there are a lot of trees for me to climb here. Again we can see the reflection of the bridge completes itself into an oval shape.Hello Kitty at Pool of Peony Garden HangZhouIt's nice to swing around the trees and I am fond of playing like that . Do you know what the trees in the distance are called ? They are willow trees with very long branches and leaves dragging onto the surface of the pool and they are very common in HangZhou and SuZhou.Hello Kitty at Pool of Peony Garden HangZhouAs I jump onto another tree, I notice that there is a building concealed behind the willow trees. What a surprise! Do you know what this building is used for? Well, have some wild guess and I'll tell you next time. Hehe....Hello Kitty at Pool of Peony Garden HangZhouAdd to Technorati Favorites