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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hello Kitty at Wei Villa of Peony Garden HangZhou, China

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

The villa concealed behind the willow is called Wei Villa. It is a traditional Chinese tea house where people gathering to have drinks, either tea or wine, while enjoying the picturesque landscpae. People also used to write poems while they gather and drink.
Hello Kitty at Wei Villa of Peony Garden HangZhouAs my usual habit, I climb up a tree to have a clearer view of the villa.
Hello Kitty at Wei Villa of Peony Garden HangZhouI am amazed to see that diffrent picturesque effects can be obtained while focusing on the same villa. This is the Chinese traditional way of landscape design - "borrowing views" from close and distant objects.
Hello Kitty at Wei Villa of Peony Garden HangZhou
This picture is taken by me so I am not present in the photo. Please give me some comments. Is this like a Chinese water colour painting? Amazing!!Hello Kitty at Wei Villa of Peony Garden HangZhou
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The Muse said...

One of my most memorable visits was to China. Even though I had work to do, I was able to get out and about for some sightseeing...
Yes, it is a lovely view...and indeed a most pleasurable place to write poetry!

The Muse said...

I am following you on Twitter!

EliteVillain said...

I am amazed u put every pic with HelloKitty on....are you traveling alone? otherwise why not put yourself with hellokitty? =) just my opinion said...

Thanks a lot for your comments, the muse. I was totally immersed in the poetic picturesque when I took the photograph. I appreciate that you feel the same way as I do and it's nice to meet a friend like you. Please come again if you have time. I've more cute and lovely photos to share. Moreover, thanks for following me in Twitter. I have also followed you. Whenever I make a posting, you would immediately know. Thanks again for your support and encouragement!! Have a nice weekend!

MyKitty said...

Thank a lot elitevillain for your comments and opinion. I am a fans of Hello Kitty and so I created this blog for my Hello Kitty. Moreover, I like to visualize the world from another angle (my Hello Kitty's angle) so that it will be more interesting and different from other trip photos people have seen before. Thanks a lot for your support. Hope that you enjoy it. Please keep in contact and come to visit this blog again.


Tony Chan said...

This places do bring memories to me. Thanks said...

Thanks, Tony Chan, for your sharing of feelings. It also brings me memories of my childhood, as you will see in the next upcoming post. Nice to meet you!

Jackie said...

What a wonderful place to have tea. said...

Hi, Jackie, thanks for your sharing.

When I sat inside the tea house, the cool breeze from the pool swept through the willow trees and reached my body. Totally relaxed and peaceful!! I hope you can feel the same way when you look at the photo.


Rachy said...

the picture of the lake with the mountain and it's reflection is wonderful! I've never been to China, but these pictures are a wonderful way to make a virtual visit. Thank you! said...

Hi, Rachy, thank you for visitng my blog and the supportive comments. This is one of the purpose why I created the blog. I hope to share Hello Kity's adventures in different parts of the world so that others can enjoy it without atually going to the places by themselves. I am realy glad you enjoy it. More trip photos will be upcoming. Looking forward to see you again soon. Thanks a lot and please keep in contact!!