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Monday, November 17, 2008

Hello Kitty at Red Carp Lake of HangZhou, China

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

Just look at the local father and son in the picture. What are they fascinated about?Hello Kitty taking Photograph of Father and Son at Red Carp Lake of Peony Garden, HangZhou
WOW, they are looking at a very large school of orange-red carp in the pool and his place is called Red Carp Lake. What better thing to do than spending time and sharing good things in life with your loved ones!! How sweet!!Hello Kitty taking Photograph of a Large School of Red Fishes at Red Carp Lake of Peony Garden, HangZhouJust like the father and son, I am also amazed by this sight together with the reflections of the willow trees. However, although I am a cat, I am not thinking about eating them. According to Chinese traditional culture, red carps bring good health and fortune, but they are not raised for food. Hello Kitty's View of a Large School of Red Fishes under the Willow Tree Reflections on Red Carp Lake of Peony Garden, HangZhouSee how large is the school of fish when they spread out under the willow trees by the side of the lake.Hello Kitty's View of a Large School of Red Fishes in Red Carp Lake of Peony Garden, HangZhouI also like to join the locals and see the scenery from the local's angle. I try to keep in a queue together with the locals to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Red Carp Lake.Hello Kitty Mingling with the Local People in Red Carp Lake of Peony Garden, HangZhouHowever, I also like to jump on trees and look at a higher angle. Hello Kitty Climbing Tree in Red Carp Lake of Peony Garden, HangZhouWhen I arrive there, something else got my attention when I look up the sky!! Amazing scene!!! Me~~ow!!
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