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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello Kitty on Cathay Pacific Airlines to HangZhou

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

As the plane departs, you can see the aerial view of Hong Kong.Hello Kitty's Aerial View of Hong Kong from Cathay Pacific AirlinesThe first thing to do after getting the seat is to read the South China Morning Post. Obama was elected as the President of USA.Hello Kitty Reading Newspaper in Cathay Pacific AirlinesThe flight no. is Dragonair KA626 and I departs at 8:00 a.m. in the morning. It's fortunate that I had brought my iPod classic with me so I can spend these 2 hours listening to the songs of my favorite Chinese male artist, Mr. Jacky Cheung. Have you heard of this artist before and listened to his works?Hello Kitty listening to iPod in Cathay Pacific AirlinesIt's breakfast time!! Yi-pee!! I choose dim sum which is the traditional Chinese food. There are five different types in the picture:
  • vegetable dumpling (So Gau),
  • pork dumpling with soup (Siu Lung Bao),
  • barbarcue pork bun (Char Siu Bao),
  • shrimp dumpling (Har Gau),
  • shrimp & pork dumpling (Shu Mai)

Can you identify each one of them? If not, please leave a comment, so that I can illustrate this to you.Hello Kitty's Dim Sum Breakfast in Cathay Pacific AirlinesBefore taking off the plane, I search through the air-shop to see if there are good and bargain products because I'm fond of shopping. You know what I find -- a watch with me on it!!! It is one of the latest design from the Hello Kitty Boutique Collection. Protraying a sleek and fashionable look, it comes with a pink enamel bezel and a matching pink enamel strap. Very cute & lovely !!!Hello Kitty Boutique Watch for Sale in Cathay Pacific AirlinesAs I will be arriving at the HangZhou airport very soon, I wonder very much what my trip would be this time.
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maryho said...

Hi Kitty, it is really you on the broading pass. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and looking at it so carefully! Yes, it's me on the boarding pass because I took the Dragonair to HangZhou.

Skin Care Times said...

I am interested to know what is the name of each dim sum. Please indicate to me. said...

Hi skincaretimes, thank you for your interest in dim sum. I will show this in my next posting.