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Monday, November 17, 2008

Hello Kitty's Dim Sum Breakfast

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
Someone has asked me about the names of the Dim Sum in the breakfast I ate in Cathay Pacific Airlines and I list herebelow for your information:
Hello Kitty's Dim Sum Breakfast on Cathay Pacific Airlines

  • A. vegetable dumpling (So Gau),
  • B. shrimp and pork dumpling (Shu Mai)
  • C. shrimp dumpling (Har Gau),
  • D. barbarcue pork bun (Char Siu Bao) - although this one does not look like the ones I used to eat;
  • E. pork dumpling with soup (Siu Lung Bao) - if vinegar and ginger slices are also served with this dum sum, the taste would be so much better.

I hope that you enjoy the Dim Sum as much as I do! Try this at your local chinese restaurant or in China Town, if available! Yummy!

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Tony Chan said...

That makes my stomach wets...yum yum....!!!

But yes you are right. It will be better if it was at the local restaurant.

Thanks :)
tony (

genial said...

owwwghhh... nice interesting site you had here... i love the ambience.. it's so girly... calm...
nice worktar!!! said...

Hi, Tony Chan, thanks for dropping by and giving me comments. By the way, someone has asked me about how to eat hairy crab and I will give the answer in a later post. I think this post would be of interest to you as well.

MyKitty said...

Hi, genial, thanks for dropping by and giving me comments. I hope you like the site and can have a happy and peaceful feeing when you left it. Do come often because I have a lot of cute and lovely trip photos to share. Thanks a lot again for your support and encouragement.


Jussi Koiranen said...

Oddly it didn't look as delicious as I thought... But I would still love to give it a try! said...

Hi, Jussi Koiranen, thank you for dropping by and giving the comment. Chinese dim sums are best when they are served hot. That's one of the limitations of the breakfast served on airlines. As I suggest, try it in a Chinese restaurant in your local neighborhood (if available) to see how it tastes.


genial said...

your site is so powerfull... how could you say that you're a newbie... your site doesn't say that... i like it, so warm here . . . said...

Hi, genial, I only write my blog with passioon and share my feelings frankly with all visiors with the hope that visitors can have a loving, peaceful and refreshing feeling when they left my blog. I treat all my visitors as my friends and I treasure each and everyone of you. Look forward to seeing you again soon.