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Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Hello Kitty Celebrates Birthday with Me

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

For the past few days, I have to go for a business trip to GuangZhou which is both tiring and exhaustive. Luckily, I managed to arrive at Hong Kong before 23 Nov, which is my birthday. When I arrive home, I am surprised to find a box of flowers. It smells really sweet. See how my Hello Kitty like it !!Hello Kitty and Birthday FlowersI also bring back two large oranges from GuangZhou which the locals gave me as a birthday gift. They are really big - almost as big as my Hello Kitty !! Moreover, they really taste good !!
Hello Kitty and Large Birthday Oranges from Friends in GuangZhouEvery year, I receive two Red Packets from my parents on my birthday. A Red Packet (Hong Bao) is a red envelope with money in it, often decorated with lucky symbols, which symbolizes luck and wealth. Such Red Packets are also distributed by elders and the married to youngsters during Chinese New Year. This is the traditional Chinese culture. The large word on my Red Packet in the photo means blessing.
Hello Kitty and Birthday Red Packets
Last but not least, there is also a special gift packed in pink paper. Both my Hello Kitty and I are really surprised by this !!Hello Kitty and Pink Mystery Birthday Gift Add to Technorati Favorites


Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! ;)
I love Hello Kitty..I have a pair of earrings still with me today. And I also have a pink Hello Kitty boom box. It broke when I was little so it's just sitting in my old room at home for now. ;D

Jimi Corpus said...

Happy Birthday Miss Hello Kitty! . . . I think you travel a lot, have you been to the Philippines?

Tony Chan said...

Hi there

Happy birthday!

tony chan (

Rocky Lemuel M. Garcia said...

Hello Belated happy birthday! mmmwwwaahhh! Stay as cool as you are.

mapetm said...

happy birthday , love kitty too said...

Hi, kEwl MomMa, thank you for your kind wishes. I like Hello Kitty earrings as well and I have not been able to come across the Hello Kitty boom box you mention. Maybe, you can send me a digital photographs so that I can post it in my blog for others to see. Moreover, I had recently bought a Hello Kitty Black Wonder bracelet and I like it so much that I have not used it yet. I will show it to you in my next post so please come again tomorrow.

MyKitty :) said...

Hi, Jimi Corpus, thanks a lot. Yes, I've been to the Philippines. I love "7D" dried mango and coconut flavor ice-cream which are not the same as those sold in Hong Kong. Moreover, before the tsunami, I had gone scuba diving in Puerto Galera and Cebu for a few times and I like the clear waters there where I can enjoy swimming with the colourful fishes and coral reefs. Maybe, I will post some of my underwater photos in the future (of course without my Hello Kitty) Please keep in contact!!

MyKitty said...

Hi, Tony Chan, thanks you for your kind wishes. Have a great week ahead !!

MyKitty said...

Hi, Rocky Lemuel M. Garcia, thank you for your best wishes. u 2, stay cool & happy. meo~~~~ow!!


Momo said...

Happy Birthday! :-)

Shinobi said...

sorry for being late..

happy birthday to you Hello Kitty :)

Best Wishes,

kiter said...

Happy Birthday!!

Bunka said...

I hope its not too late for HAppy Birthday. :) said...

Hi, mapetm, thank you for your best wishes. It's nice to know that besides a train lover, you like Hello Kitty as well. Please come regularly to see my Hello Kitty trip photos.

MyKitty said...

Hi Momo, thanks a lot!
Me~~Ow... Me~~Ow...

MyKitty said...

Hi, Shinobi, thank you for your best wishes. Do you have any local customs in your homeland to celebrate birthdays? If yes, please share with me.

MyKitty said...

Hi, Kiter, thank you for your best wishes. I like your dog with shoes on. It's really cute and lovely. I hope that you like kitty and my blog as well.

MyKitty said...

Hi, Bunka, thanks a lot, best wishes will never be too late. I have something that will be of interest to you - a Hello Kitty laptop. I'll put it in my next post. Hope that you like it!!


Bunka said...

I will be here. :) said...

Hi, Bunka, please visit my newest post on Hello Kitty C1 netbook.