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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hello Kitty meet Security Guard in HangZhou

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

My Hello Kitty is now arriving at the lawn at the end of the Peony Garden. There is aother traditional Chinese pagoda behind a very green lawn. However, the most attratctive scene to me is of course the numerous pigeons running happily around the lawn.Hello Kitty's View of Pagoda and Green Lawn in Peony Garden, HangZhouNot only are there pigeons wandering on the lawn, there are also numerous pigeons resting on the roof of a nearby building.Hello Kitty's View of Pigeons on Roof in Peony Garden, HangZhouOne particular pigeon which attracts me most is the one with sparkling greenish feather on its neck. See how friendly we can be (even between a cat and a pigeon) that I can take a close-up photo of my new friend. Me~~ow!! Hello Kitty's Close-up View of New Pigeon Friend in Peony Garden, HangZhouAfter leaving the lawn and on my way to take a boat trip in West Lake (Xi Hu), I meet a security guard. As a friendly ambassador, I manage to make friends with him and take a photograph of him. See how he can posture himself smartly like a professional model !!Hello Kitty taking Photograph of Security Guard in Peony Garden, HangZhou Add to Technorati Favorites


Bunka said...

I think there is a kitty on one photo...yes its kitty! :)

Nice photos. said...

Yes, do you think it's cute and lovely?

Bunka said...

Yes, cute and lovely. :) said...

Hope you like it! :D Some time later in the trip, my Hello Kitty will meet one of her lovely friends. Please keep in contact!!