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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hello Kitty Asking for Tea in Dragon Well Village, HangZhou

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

Hangzhou's most famous product is Longjing tea, a bitter-tasting green tea highly prized by Chinese and foreigners worldwide. Longjing Tea Park contains what is claimed to be the original Dragon Well Tea (Longjing). Tea sellers here will invite you into their homes to taste different grades of tea: prices may seem astronomical at first, but the taste is really good and it stays in your throat for some time after drinking. The photo is a tea-master who has just completed frying the Longjing tea leaves in the traditional frying pan using his bare hands. It's really hot but he is trained to do it. He is holding the fried tea in a straw-knitted basket and showing it to us for tasting. The fried leaves have a stronger smell of green tea and is crispy like.Hello Kitty Meet Tea Master in Dragon Well Village, HangZhou
I also discover a very large tea pot so I jump on it to take a photo. The Chinese characters on the pot actually say that it is forbidden to take photos. Being a friendly ambassador, I am again granted the special permission by the tea seller. How lucky!!Hello Kitty on Large Tea Pot in Dragon Well Village, HangZhou
This is the cup of green tea which I have just tasted. It's really nice so only a small amount is left in the cup.Hello Kitty Tasting Tea in Dragon Well Village, HangZhou
Later on, I am presented a slightly different cup. Can you have a wild guess what this is used for? Hello Kitty Tasting Tea in Dragon Well Village, HangZhouAdd to Technorati Favorites


The Muse said...

Hello My Little Kitty Friend...
I hope you are having a grand time.
I really like the large teapot you have found!

Be careful, the tea may be hot! said...

Luckily, it's not too hot and I'm careful enough not to touch the tea master's frying pan - that is really, rea..lly hot !!

Anonymous said...

I like the way you have your page set up. Very nice. The content is interesting and easy to navigate. Good work. Looks to me like you are doing great. ~ tricia

Pluto said...

Hi Kitty, I guess the different cup is a tea pot, right? but how to pour out the tea to another cup and not to split water on the table, is very hard ah!!!!!!!!!

Skin Care Times said...

Hi, Pluto, I agree with you that the different cup is a tea pot because I have seen similar cup made of ceramic in a Chinese tea shop. However, I wonder how can the tea master fry the green tea leaves with his bare hands - it should be very hot! The photo only shows him holding a basket of fried tea leaves.

Bunka said...

Hello Kitty... :)

I wonder where is next destination? :) said...

Hi, Pluto, you are exactly right. The other cup is a small tea pot and you need to have special skill to pour the tea out of it. Moreover, in this case, it serves a dual purpose. The Longjing tea smells good, so after pouring out the tea, you can take away the lid and put your nose next to the small tea pot to enjoy the refreshing smell! said...

Hi, skincaretimes, I have created a video on this topic to be posted in U-tube and you can have a clear understanding of the leaf-frying procedure by reading the next post. said...

Hi Bunka, the next destination is SuZhou - a place famous for its water village. Hope that you enjoy it too!! Me~~ow :D !! said...

Hi, papercages, thank you for your compliments. Hope that you will also enjoy the upcoming SuZhou trip photos.