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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sanrio offering Hello Kitty Nail Designs

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
A first-ever manicure salon is opened by Sanrio in Ginza, Tokyo, offering Hello Kitty nail designs. The Hello Kitty nail ornament is about 5mm in size and comes in various colours, including red, pink and black.
I cannot yet get a pic of the actual Hello Kitty nail design by Sanrio. However, in order to explain this better to you, I manage to find a video on how a Hello Kitty nail ornament can be made at home and share this with you here:

I am looking forward to Sanrio's design and will update you once it is available. How excited !!
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Tony Chan said...

How Sanrio is offering Hello Kitty NAIL DESIGNS...very kewl...I hope this sells well....

tony (

♥ bAbY雯児♥ said...

so cute design said...

Hi, Tony, really cool and I think it would create a fashion in Tokyo. said...

Hi, ♥ bAbY雯児♥, I'm still wondering what Sanrio's design would look like.

Bunka said...

Just to say hi. :)

Software For Download said...

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I like it!
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Hi, Bunka, nice to see you everyday. It's really encouraging to me ! Hope you enjoy my daily updates! said...

Hi, Software for Download, I like the Calorie Calculator in your blog. Nice to meet you and hope to see you again soon!

nicky said...

hey i think hello kitty having nail designs is awesome..
i think everyone will like it :] said...

Hi, nicky, I agree. If I'd a chance to go to Tokyo, I'll try this to see how it looks. It's really lovely. :)