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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hello Kitty Welcomes Babies into the World

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
Not only do we have Hello Kitty toys, household products and jewelery, there is even a Hello Kitty Hospital in Taiwan. This hospital is the Hau Sheng Hospital in central Taiwan and is considered to be the first Hello Kitty themed hospital in the world. Hello Kitty is present almost everywhere in the hospital, including elevators, blankets, birth certificates and staff uniforms, etc. When patients arrive at the hospital, they will first notice a Hello Kitty statue dressed in a doctor’s uniform. Patients would be examined in a pink examination room surrounded by Hello Kitty posters on the wall.

I feel that this hospital would help pregnant mothers (especially Hello Kitty fans) to relieve their pressure and tensions during their stay in the hospital. Why not giving birth to her baby while surrounded by your most loved and trusted friends !
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Tony Chan said... found something on youtube...that is good...maybe we should go into a franchise with this hospital and get it to hong kong yeah to expand your hello kitty biz?

tony (

The Muse said...

:) :) Aww kids would like that!

Pluto said...

how special it is to have a Hello Kitty birth certificate, I hope I'll as famous as her. said...

Hi, Tony, a franchise business is too big for me for the time being but it may be a good target for my future - thanks a lot for your suggestion. said...

Hi, The Muse, you're right! I just focus on the mothers and forget about the children. Babies would definitely love it and it makes the themed hospital a much warmer place for welcoming new lives!! Thanks for your sharing! said...

Hi Pluto, I'm actually searching to see if I can get a pic of the Hello Kitty Birth Certificate - really special and unique!