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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hello Kitty at Wu Zhen

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
After leaving HangZhou and on the way to SuZhou, I come to a place named Wu Zhen, which is a tourist spot for locals as well as foreigners worldwide. It is rainy when I arrive there and this is the photo of the main entrance.
Hello Kitty at Wu Zhen EntranceWu Zhen is famous as a preserved water village where the settings and structures of Chinese vernacular architecture has been largely retained. The best way to enjoy the scenery here is to take a boat trip. These are the kind of boats which I am riding on now. You see that I am not present in the photo because I'm freezing cold now inside the boat.
Hello Kitty taking Boat Trip in Wu ZhenLook how beautiful is the scenery is at this place - another picturesque painting. According to the local guide, the best mode of the scenery here is during rainy days as you can see here and also in my later posts.Hello Kitty Enjoying Wu Zhen Scenery Add to Technorati Favorites


The Muse said...

Sorry you were cold and freezing Little kitty :(
But i am glad you had a boat to be in :)
Great pictures...the beauty is mysterious in the foggy rain :)

The Muse said...

your Christmas holiday avatar on Twitter is so cute :) said...

Hi, The Muse, thank you for your touching poetry. It makes me so warm at heart that I no longer remember any more coldness. said...

Hi, the Muse, actually this is the first time I use a software to change my image. It's fun! :)