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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hello Kitty at Herbalist Shop and Community Hall of Wu Zhen

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
Besides visiting the Flower-Printed Blue Cloth Workshop, I also try to get some Chinese Herbs from the Herbalist Shop. The antique cabinet at the back of the shop is called the "Hundred-Sons" Cabinet and is present in every Chinese Herbalist Shop to store the herbs. Even there are a hundred drawers (or even more), the shopkeeper can easily locate the herbs in each drawer without much thinking. What a good memory!! The brown packet hanging above me is an example of the appearance of the herb package sold in this shop. Hello Kitty in Chinese Herbalist Shop of Wu Zhen

At the right of the photo, you can see the Community Hall of Wu Zhen. During festivals or weddings, people in this town gather here to have a feast. At the left is a platform floating on the canal. This is a performance platform and since it floats on the water, people can gather all around it along the shore when special performance is conducted during festivals. Whan an ingenious idea of crowd control in the old days!!Hello Kitty's View of Community Hall and Performance Platform in Wu Zhen
Before I leave Wu Zhen, I present you an axonometric map to help you understand more of the planning layout of the whole town. Let's see if you can locate the Community Hall and Performance Platform in the Map. Hello Kitty's View of Map of Wu ZhenAdd to Technorati Favorites


enric said...

great job!;)

Tony Chan said...

Wow....that is cover very well in China with Hello Kitty..good work..! tony said...

Hi, enric, thank you for your compliments. Please come regularly to enjoy my daily updates. said...

Hi, Tony, to celebrate the joyous season, I will be posting two special series - the first one being "Hello Kitty in Sparkling Christmas Disneyland". Hope you like it !!