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Friday, December 12, 2008

Hello Kitty at Flower-Printed Blue Cloth Workshop in Wu Zhen

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
Tradition is still very much alive in Wuzhen. Today, it is still common to see old women leisurely operating spinning wheels in the traditional houses.Hello Kitty's View of Spinning Wheel in Floweer-Printed Blue Cloth Workshop in Wu ZhenOld woman also operates looms at weaving workshops in the old lanes of Wuzhen, while the squeaks of the looms resound throughout the lanes. Carrying on this tradition has become a part of the lives of the old women there.Hello Kitty's View of Weaving Loom in Floweer-Printed Blue Cloth Workshop in Wu Zhen The raw material for dye printing is Eupatorium fortunei, a herb that turns into indigo after being fermented and precipitated. For convenience in transporting the cloth, the weaving workshops and dyeing workshops are usually on the same street, only a few doors from each other. At the dyeing workshop, the cloth is soaked and air-dried again and again to produce white flowers on a blue background. Hello Kitty's View of Dyeing Blue Cloth in Wu ZhenSee how the dyeing blue cloth can form such a beautiful photo composition within the intenal courtyard of the traditional houses of Wu Zhen.
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Friendz said...

hey u gave a nice information to all keep the good work going!!! said...

Hi, Friendz, thank you for your support. Please come again to enjoy my two special series for the joyous season - the first one being "Hello Kitty in Sparkling Christmas Disneyland".