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Monday, December 1, 2008

Hello Kitty at Jamaica Coffee Shop of Xi Hu Tian Di, HangZhou

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

After wandering around HangZhou West Lake for some time, I feel a bit tired and start to look for a coffee shop where I can have a rest and enjoy the taste of coffee in HangZhou. The Starbucks in Xi Hu Tian Di is beautifully decorated with greenery that brings you a comfortable feeling.Hello Kitty at Starbucks of Xi Hu Tian Di, HangZhouHowever, this time I want to try something new and I choose the Jamaica Coffee Shop which is a high quality coffee shop from Spain. The coffee house is decorated externally like a traditional Chinese house so that it fits harmoniously into the beautiful scenery of West Lake (Xi Hu).
Hello Kitty at Jamaica Coffee Shop in Xi Hu Tian Di, HangZhouBesides coffee, beer is also served. Wow, the beer bottle is even larger than me. You can also see the waitor at the back. They provide very good service and every customer (including cats)is treated with personal attention. Hello Kitty with Tiger Beer Bottle at Jamaica Coffee Shop of Xi Hu Tian Di, HangZhouLook what I have ordered - a Spanish Specialty Blue Mountain coffee, a Cappuccino and a Tiramisu cake served with cream. Attractive looking and yummy !! Me~~ow!!Hello Kitty enjoying Blue Mountain Coffee and Tiramisu at Jamaica Coffee Shop of Xi Hu Tian Di, HangZhouAdd to Technorati Favorites


Tony Chan said...

Looks like hello kitty is in China yeah. Looks impressive too!!!


Bunka said...

Haha...Again! I like that kitty in the photos. :))))

Bunka said...

Is that kitty-doll or photoshop kitty-doll? I am curios! :) said...

Hi, Tony, thank you for your comments. My Hello Kitty will be finishing her HangZhou trip within this week and will move on to ShZhou. More cute and lovely photos will be upcoming. Please visit again if you have time. Thanks! said...

Hi, Bunka, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad that you like my Hello Kitty. My Hello Kitty has been travelling with me during my trips and she is not a photoshop doll. In fact, she accompanies me even when I wander around in Hong Kong. She will be going to Hong Kong Disneyland with me in early December and I will be posting those trip photos before Christmas. Hope that you will enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas in Hong Kong as well. Thanks a lot for your support and encouragement !! Looking forward to see you again.

host said...

Hi there again... said...

Hi, Host, thank you for dropping by. Hope you enjoy the blog.

Pand0ra Wilde said...

Yesterday I bought a Hello Kitty French-style coffee press. Any idea how I could find out what it's worth?

I don't care about selling it; I made coffee in it this morning and it makes a wonderful cup.