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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hello Kitty Enjoying "Sparkling Christmas Fireworks" Show with Hologram Viewer in Hong Kong Disneyland

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
Hi, do you still recognize me?
Do I look like Batman or Cat Woman? Hello Kitty wearing Disneyland Hologram Viewer Actually, I am wearing a Hologram Viewer provided by Hong Kong Disneyland. It is used to view the Main Street Christmas decorations, Sparkling Castle Lights and Sparkling Christmas Fireworks after dark. After wearing this, every light spot will create a funny Snowman pattern right in front of my eyes. I can see sparkling Snowman everywhere, on tree lights, Christmas decorations, fireworks, cellualar phone lights and even the moon. It is really, really wonderful and fantastic. I share with you here again another "Sparkling Christmas Fireworks" Show. Please try to stretch your imagination to picture that every light spot is a sparkling Snowman. The feeling would be totally different!!

Do you see any Sparkling Snowman or
Snow Falling in Main Street?
If not, try to see the video again.....
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Pluto said...

Woh!the video are great. I should let my friends know and share with them. Kitty I envy so much you are there. said...

Hi, Pluto, you should come to visit Hong Kong Disneyland during this joyous season and try the Hologram Viewer. It's really a surprise to me! :D

silentsurfur said...

Wow thats an awesome firework... said...

Hi, silentsurfur, please also see the 2009 Countdown Fireworks! It's also performed amazingly on a high rise tower, International Finance Center, in Hong Kong!