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Friday, December 19, 2008

Hello Kitty enjoying Lovely Flowers in Hong Kong Disneyland

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

To enter Hong Kong Disneyland, even I (as a cat) need to buy an entrance ticket. The ticket has a Disneyland cartoon character and I keep it as a souvenir.Hello Kitty holding Disneyland Ticket
After passing through the entrance gate, I see beautiful Christmas flowers - I love flowers so I rush towards the flowers to take a photo. Me~~ow!!Hello Kitty's View of Christmas Flower in Hong Kong Disneyland
I manage to take a close-up of a large Christmas flower. See also the sunlit dewdrop at the top which looks somewhat like a jewel.Hello Kitty's View of Christmas Flower in Hong Kong Disneyland
I also take photos of some violet and white flowers against the sunny blue sky. However, I do not know the name of the flower. Maybe, some of you may help me on this!! Anyhow, the flower is very lovely and I like it very much!!Hello Kitty's View of Lovely Flowers in Hong Kong Disneyland


Tony Chan said...

Kewl...look at all the said...

Actually, I buy more souvenirs as you will see it later in my posts.