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Monday, December 1, 2008

Hello Kitty at "Hundred Longevity Mural" of Xi Hu Tian Di, HangZhou

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts

Besides restaurants and cafe, I also find a statue of an old man in Tai Chi posture in front of a feature wall (Hundred Longevity Mural). On this mural, there are a hundred different ways to write the Chinese word longevity. The statue In front of the mural is the Zhang Sanfeng, the lengendary investor of Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi Chuan is a form of tradtional Chinese martial arts and it is believed that if you practise it everyday in the morning, you can gain good health and longevity.Hello Kitty at Hundred Longevity Wall of Xi Hu Tian Di at HangZhou
Well, let's have a final glimpse of Xi Hu Tian Di before I go to watch a performance of traditional Chinese culture by the HangZhou artists. The pool is calm and the reflection is perfect - another Chinese picturesque painting.
Hello Kitty at Gold Cow Lake of Xi Hu Tian Di at HangZhouOn my way to the theatre, I catch hold of this particular scene. Some of the bicycles have back-seats for small children - quite an innovative invention!Hello Kitty's view of bicycles in HangZhou
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syareena said...

sweet for my daughter...adios... said...

Hi, syareena, thanks for dropping by and the comments. You can enjoy my blog together with your daughter. I have seen your kids on your blog. they are so lovely!!More cute photos will be upcoming. Hope to see you again soon.