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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hello Kitty enjoying Thousand Hands Guan Yin Performance in HangZhou

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
I have seen a very marvellous performance in HangZhou - Thousand Hands Guan Yi. Although I cannot video-tape the actual performance there because the environment is too dark, I manage to find a video of similar nature to share it with you here. Actually, the performers in this video are even more marvellous than the HangZhou performers because the performers in this video are deaf. I am totally impressed and feel that really nothing is impossible if you are determined to do it.
Guan Yin is considered by Buddhists as the Goddess of Mercy. Her whole name is Guan Shi Yin. Guan means to observe, watch, or monitor; Shi means the world; Yin means sounds, specifically sounds of those who suffer. Thus, Guan Yin is a compassionate being who watches for, and responds to the people in the world who cry out for help.
The thousand hands of Guan Yin's represent her limitless abilities to give assistance. There are a thousand eyes on these hands which give Guan Yin marvellous powers to observe the world. Guan Yin also has many faces so she can become anyone to suit the particular circumstances to offer help, not necessarily herself, because her help is given in a way that is literally selfless.

Nevetheless, I manage to take a photograph of the HangZhou performers and I also want to share it with you here.Hello Kitty enjoying Thousand Hands Guan Yin Performance in HangZhouIf you enjoy this marvellous performance of beauty and grace, please share it with your friends and loved ones. Send them a message about this blog so they can see the video for themselves.

As long as you have love and kindness in your heart
A thousand hands will naturally come to your aid
As long as you have love and kindness in your heart
You will reach out with a thousand hands to help others

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mak said...

i have watched similar show b4, but it's not as fabulous as this one on you tube. I was so surprise to learn that those performers are deaf. they are just so gifted. Ms. Kitty, thanks for sharing. :) Macmac said...

Hi mak, thank you for dropping by and your comments. When I first look at this video, I already feel marvellous at their good co-ordination and timing. However, when I further learn that they are deaf, meaning that they cannot listen to the music, I am totally astonished. Even for a normal team of people, a performance like this would already need hours and hours of practice before they can achieve such fantastic effects. With the loss of one of the five senses, I think their achievement can only be based on their strong beliefs and determination. Please share with your friends because it gives a very strong message that "Nothing is Impossible". Thanks a lot!!

Friendz said...

hi, u have a nice blog...keep the good work said...

Hi, Friendz, thank you for your visit and compliments. Looking forward to see you again soon.

BillyWarhol said...


I love Hello Kitty + Cirque du Soleil*********

;)) Peace* said...

Hi, BillyWarhol, I'm glad to hear that you love Hello Kitty because I'm a fans of Hello Kitty. We can have a lot of sharing in the future. If you have the opportunity, please also try to watch the Chinese acrobats team. I think you will also like them.