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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello Kitty's View of Beijing-HangZhou Grand Canal in Wu Zhen

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
Standing on both sides of a slabstone-paved street are pubs, restaurants, pawnshops, weaving and dyeing establishments, etc. all housed in brown wooden traditional Chinese structures. Rivers and creeks flowing through the town are spanned with stone and wooden bridges in various designs, and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passes by - the canal really runs from HangZhou to Beijing !!. Old canal-side houses and outdoor corridors for resting are special features in this ancient town of Wu Zhen. How poetic!!Hello Kitty's View of Beijing-HangZhou Grand Canal in Wu Zhen

Besides its beautiful scenery, Wu Zhen also has many sites of historical and cultural interest. Visitors are also attracted by its famous art of making indigo-dyed printed calico. In ancient times, indigo-dyed printed calico was used for curtains, scarves, and tablecloths in every household in the countryside of Zhejiang Province. The photo below shows some of the examples of these products.Hello Kitty's View of Flower-Printed Blue Cloth in Wu ZhenAdd to Technorati Favorites