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Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello Kitty Meets HangZhou Tea Master in Dragon Well Village

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
Some of the visitors of the blog give comments on the last post that they want to know more about the procedure of frying Longjing leaves by bare hands and so I share below the following video (which had also been posted under the name of "mykittygifts" in U-tube) for your information:

If you know Cantonese, you will know that the girl in the video ask the following question:
"What's the use of the objects in the stainless steel pan held by me?"
According to the advice by the local guide, those are special nuts produced in the Dragon Well Village for making a kind of oil. The tea-master adds this special oil into the frying pan for frying the Longjing leaves. In this way, the leaves will be better fried and will also retain the smell of this special kind of nuts. What a secret recipe!!
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The Muse said...

Wow...That is so interesting! said...

Hi, The Muse. I still think that the tea-master's hands hurt because the frying pan is really hot.

活活睡死 said...

OMG, he did it by bare hands in a hot pan?? he must have learned Neigong!! said...

Hi, 活活睡死, actually the tea-master's hands are hard and rough - just like those people who practise Kong Fu !! Oo~~~!! Aa~~~!! ;D

antoinette said...


Wow, it is really a magic frying longjing leaves with bare hands, but why should he do it? Will it effect a special smell? said...

Hi, antoinette, according to what I know, the teamaster needs to use his bare hands to make different styles of movements, including scratch, shake, put up, press down, push, buckle, swing, press and grind. All these delicate movements can only be done using bare hands so that he can feel the changing conditions of the Longjing leaves and know which style of movement to be used. Otherwise the taste of the Longjing leaves would be affected. In fact, the teamaster needs to practise for many years before he can acquire such skills. Thank you for your interest in this traditional Chinese skill. Please try to have some Longjing tea and you will enjoy its good taste!