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Monday, December 8, 2008

Hello Kitty enjoying Boat Trip in Wu Zhen

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
This is the boat I am travelling on. Eight to ten people are on each boat and we have to sit on both sides of the boat to maintain the balance. I cannot move too much in such a crowded boat so you cannot see me in the photos. Hello Kitty's View of Tour Boat in Wu ZhenThis canal flows through the whole village and houses are on either side of the canal. Locals travel by boat as well as by road. Bridges link all the roads and the houses so the whole setting creates a very unique style in planning as well as architecture. Our boat can actually cross under the arched bridge. Hello Kitty enjoying Boat Trip in Wu ZhenSee how beautiful the picture can be in this rainy weather. Well, me~ow, good things do not happen just on sunny days. The environment is peaceful and is very suitable for creating romantic poetry. Hello Kitty enjoying Boat Trip in Wu ZhenAdd to Technorati Favorites


Bunka said...

Did kitty swim? :) said...

Hi, Bunka, normally kitty does not swim but my Hello Kitty can swim because she has a good swimming teacher in Hong Kong. Otherwise, these boat trips would really frighten her. I'll tell you more on this in my coming posts.