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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hello Kitty Kimora Lee Simmons Diamond Watches

Posted by - Administrator of Hello Kitty Gifts
Besides crystal watches produced by Swarovski, Simmons Jewelry Co. also produced a Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty Jewelry Collection which is aimed at the luxury market.
Features of this series include:

  • Hello Kitty diamond silhouette,
  • mother of pearl dial,
  • pink sapphire flower,
  • pink alligator strap.
Hello Kitty Kimora Lee Simmons Diamond WatchesThe price of the watch is beyond my imagination but it's nice to enjoy looking at beautiful things.
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The Muse said...

yes much mto much money...but MsKitty is sure cute!

I like the red one :) said...

Hi, The Muse, I like the red one too. It's really enjoyable looking at these special Hello Kitty products.

Sharon said...

I am such a big, big fan of Hello Kitty. I just recently bought a belt buckle that was just too pricey for me.... but I just had to budget more in order to get it....

They look so beautiful! Ummm, I wonder if I can get it anywhere else for less? Let me know if you find one.

Skin Care Times said...

I love the one with pink strap. the design is so cute. i wish i could own such precious watch. too expensive for me. :(
Ms. kitty, thanks for sharing. said...

Hi, Sharon, I'm glad to learn that you are a big, big fans of Hello Kitty, just like me. I'm trying to find the buckle in Hong Kong but can you describe more about the one that you like or even send me a photo. said...

Hi, Skin Care Times, since you like pink ones, I manage to find another one which is even more pinkish. I'll upload it in my later posts. I think you'll also love it.

Chidcha said...

Hi MyKitty,

My niece love the pink strap so much,she said appropriate watch with her kitty dress (>_<). But in real, it's not fit with her wrist (6 years old), however she told me to open your pages and explain to her.

Love kitty,
Chidcha. said...

Hi, Chidcha, I'm glad that both you and your niece like it. I'll post some beautiful pendants (for matching those watches) in my next post. Please come to have a visit again to see if you also like it. Thanks!